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best resume writing tips


Top Resume Tips For 2015


Writing a resume can be overwhelming initially, considering the many little details and then the details about those details. Of course, then there is the adding, rephrasing, checking, double-checking, triple-checking… 

As we round out 2015, I have collected the best of the best resume writing tips to help you land that job in the New Year. I have included about all the annoying little resume writing stuff I have learned need to be done when you tackle the task of creating and editing a resume. Hopefully, this “best of the best resume tips edition” can spare you some pain.


There are four basic categories you must address when crafting your resume.


A resume must be:


  1. well written

  2. properly formatted

  3. professional

  4. polished


I will go into greater detail on each below. Follow the simple resume writing checklist and your next job application will be a hit.


A Well-Written Resume


top resume tips 2015


Your resume needs to be well-written. After all, you are presenting visually an example of the quality of work you intend to bring to the company. This step is as important as selecting an appropriate outfit for your interview. What is our unique value proposition must shine through. As you check off each of the following boxes, double-check to make sure you stand out from all of your competing applicants, highlights that all of the things that make you uniquely qualified for the position.


A well written resume Includes:


  1. Contact information

  2. Name

  3. Address

  4. Email address

  5. Phone number

  6. Tone consistent with the company you’re applying for (A barista will use a different written tone than a stockbroker)

  7. Customized to the particular job you are applying for (check out our guide on tailoring a resume to a job description)

  8. Company-focused objectives are emphasized at the very top of your resume (What can you do for them rather than the other way around?)

  9. Includes accomplishments and responsibilities for each job listed

  10. Uses metrics illustrate successes

  11. Illustrates career progression by demonstrating promotions, increased responsibility, or lateral move’s

  12. Lists the name of your previous companies AND provides a brief description of what that company does

  13. Includes your tenure

  14. Documents relevant education

  15. Highlights your personality or unique interests outside of work

  16. Includes links to your portfolio or work samples


Properly Formatted Resume


resume writing tips 2015


The formatting of your resume will be the first visual clue for your employer. It is important that the formatting be pleasing to the eye, consistent, and leads your reader to the inevitable conclusion that you are the perfect candidate for you the job. You can liken this to pressing your favorite suit before an important interview.


  1. Uses a resume template with a clean layout with lots of white spacing between different sections

  2. Chose a resume that doesn’t have much color

  3. Has good font ( We discussed this previously on whats the best font to use on a resume )

  4. Uses common formatting conventions making content easier to read such as bullet points and header text

  5. Formatting is consistent throughout the entire resume

  6. Margins are even

  7. Items are aligned properly

  8. Links are all clickable

  9. Formatting allows recipients to read it as intended, without downloading specific fonts or needing special software. ( a .doc format works great)



A Professional Resume always stands out


best resume writing advice 2015


Think of your resume as your first project for you new company. It is the very first time you are able to show what you can bring to the table and you want to ensure that you are perceived as a strong candidate. Professionalism is an unmistakable and highly coveted trait in an employee and you want yours to be stellar. Liken this to the importance of showing up on time to your interview.


  1. Includes a professional email address (e.g. vs.

  2. Email address is from reputable and well-known domain, such as Gmail (Outdated domain names are a red flag for tech-savvy companies.)

  3. Resume’s story-line aligns with your personal LinkedIn profile (Most hiring managers will check out both, in tandem.)

  4. Links directly to social profiles and your personal website, if relevant

  5. You have audited your social media profiles and ensured that no unprofessional photos or content are available

  6. Customizes the communications with hiring manager’s name, if possible

  7. Granted the recipient permissions to view anything on Google Docs.


What a Polished Resume Looks Like





Finally, you want your resume to shine so that it can reflect you in the best strengths to your potential new employer.


  1. Includes keywords ( as seen on job descriptions )

  2. Edited for brevity? (Keep resume to one page per ten years of job experience, if possible.)

  3. Edit out irrelevant job experiences? ( if you are applying for a copywriter role, don’t list your job as a bartender, you will not be serving drinks )

  4. Sections preordered to best highlights your skills 

  5. Edit to remove generic action verbs

  6. Selects specific action verbs 

  7. Employs a thesaurus to enhance engagement Includes only truly special skills (team player is not a special skill, you are expected to preform in a team)

  8. Free of irritation or annoying company jargon or business babble? (spearheaded projects… we are not in the jungle)

  9. Everything is 100% accurate 

  10. Spell check 

  11. Grammar check

  12. Proofread


So there it is, 2015’s best resume writing tips. Follow the checklist and you are sure to create a solid resume.


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